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          Mobile filtration systems

          With the mobile filter systems, HYDAC offers an extensive product range of professional solutions for hydraulic servicing and maintenance. They are used for the filtered filling and/or repumping of hydraulic and lubrication media, for flushing at the time of startup or for continuous offline filtration. Convenient mobile devices are used for the separation of solid particles (with or without integrated fluid sensors) on several plants at once:

          • Portable filtration units
          • Mobile filtration units
          • Clean filling and flushing
          • Flexible utilisation on different plants
          • Relieved load on the main flow filter
          • Increased system availability
          • Increases the service lifetime for hydraulic and lubrication media
          • Reduction of Life Cycle Cost


          TW 5


          The oil transport and filtration cart TW 5 is a mobile oil servicing and care unit used for the transport of oil and for filtration during the filling of plants and when repumping hydraulic and lubrication media. The device is equipped with an integrated 200 l tank. A switch on the unit enables simple changeover between pumping operations with and without filtration (optional).For utilisation on hydraulic and lubrication oil plants in different industries.

          • Tank size: 200 l
          • Flow rate: max. 30 l/min / 40 l/min
          • Operating pressure: max. 4.5 bar
          • Safer and simpler oil transport
          • Convenient filtration in bypass flow
          • Simple handling
          • Increased system availability
          • Reduction of Life Cycle Cost LCC


          OF 7


          The filter unit OF 7 is used as a portable service unit for filling hydraulic plants, flushing small hydraulic plants and dedusting in bypass flow. Furnishing with the ContaminationSensor CS 1000 permits the simultaneous monitoring of oil cleanliness. The output of the cleanliness class ensues in accordance with either ISO, SAE or NAS. The FREEZE function on the display enables the depiction of the last 20 measured values in the integrated display.
          • Filter fineness: 3 μm to 20 μm
          • Flow rate: 15 l/min
          • Alternating current, direct current or compressed air drive
          • Improvement of component and filter service life
          • Increased oil service life
          • Simple element replacement through Spin-On cartridges
          • Greater machine availability
          • Simple handling
          • Compact construction
          • Option: continuous monitoring of oil cleanliness during dedusting by means of CS 1000




          The FluidCarrier Compact FCC is developed for the servicing of processing machines with tank volumes of up to 200 l. Special care must be taken to ensure at the time of the introduction of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) that the filtered topping up of hydraulic and lubrication oils is guaranteed and that a mix-up between different types of oils is excluded. The FCC offers the possibility of transport and of the filtered filling of topping-up quantities, in addition to measuring points for the connection of particle counters (FCU) for monitoring oil cleanliness. Smaller systems can be dedusted in the bypass flow with the integrated filter unit (OLF 5). In addition, there is also the option of connecting a flow meter for documenting the quantity dispensed.
          • Flow rate: max. 15 l/min
          • Operating pressure: 3.5 bar
          • Viscosity range: 15 ...1000 mm2/s
          • Safe and simple transport: 70-litre volume for filling small units, simple handling
          • Filtered filling: via OLF 5 (?2?>1000), resulting in fewer downtimes caused by fresh oil contamination
          • Monitoring: FCU and flow meter optional, therefore documentation of the quantity and/or cleanliness, respectively, by maintenance
          • Mobile offline filtration unit: can also be used for offline filtration




          The Filter Repumping Unit OFU is used as a mobile oil servicing and care unit for filtration during the filling of plants and when hydraulic and lubrication media are being repumped. Utilisation on hydraulic and lubrication oil plants in different industries.
          • Flow rate: max. 100 l/min
          • Operating pressure: max. 10 bar
          • Convenient filtration in bypass flow
          • Simple handling
          • Increased system availability
          • Reduction of Life Cycle Cost LCC
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