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          Filter assambly

          Filter assambly

          HYDAC Process Technology GmbH offers a series of widely different filter assemblies for your applications. These include numerous automatic backflush filters, line and strainer filters, inline and pressure filters, in addition to gas filters for utilisation on turbo compressors.

          Back-flushing filter AutoFilt?

          Hydac offers six different types of automatic filters:

          • AutoFilt??RF3 - back-flushing filter vertical DN50 - DN900
          • AutoFilt??RF4 - small back-flushing filter G 1" - G 1 1/2"
          • AutoFilt??RF5 - back-flushing filter >200 μm
          • AutoFilt??RF7 - back-flushing filter horizontal DN50 - DN900
          • AutoFilt??ATF - Twist Flow Strainer
          • AutoFilt??RFH - high-pressure back-flushing filter

          With the Hydac automatic filter programme, flow rates of up to 10,000 m3/h can be realized.

          RF3 back-flushing filter vertical DN50-900


          The automatic back-flushing filter AutoFilt??RF3 is a self-cleaning system for the separation of solids from low-viscosity fluids. The robust construction and the automatic back-flushing make a great contribution to operational security and reduce operation and service costs.


          In the filter itself, slotted tube or SuperMesh filter elements with filtration ratings from 25 to 3000 μm ensure an effective separation of dirt particles from the process medium. If the elements are contaminated, then the automatic dedusting will begin. The flow of filtrate is not interrupted during backflushing. Various installation sizes permit flow quantities of up to 10000m3 per hour. Numerous material and furnishing variants and individually adjustable control parameters enable an optimum adjustment to every application.


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