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          稱重傳感器 1606 Gold Standard ? Low Capacity Calibration Load Cell

          1606 Gold Standard ? Low Capacity Calibration Load Cell

          • Tension and compression in one unit
          • 0.005% nonrepeatability
          • 0.02% creep
          • Factory installed calibration adapter
          • 3-run NIST traceable ASTM E74 calibration
          • Eccentric load compensated
          • 0.0008%/°F temp. effect on output
          • 4% lower load limit


          The 1606 Gold Standard load cell is designed for calibrating other load cells where the best possible load cell is required. It has a 4% lower load limit per ASTM E74 and is a step above the 1100. The 1606 is especially made for low capacity applications.


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